how did RikiJonesFitness  happen?

     In my early years I had a passion for fitness and anatomy. I enjoyed watching WWE wrestling on TV, which sparked my interest in working out. Throughout my life, I was constantly involved in many sports from basketball and football; however exercising was my first true passion. I have always been categorized as "big-boned" and I have consistently held a muscular build. Unfortunately my daily diet consisted of unhealthy foods, which resulted in my genetics and hard earned muscles being buried under body fat.
     Upon college enrollment, I invested more time into working out with the primary goal being to impress girls. My priorities were not set straight towards making an impressive physique because  I would invest all my time into video games and eating while occasionally going to the gym. By the start of my junior year of college, I was fed up with how I looked, felt and even weighed. I reached 207lbs and  saw that as a boiling point. I kept telling myself that once I get to school, I would fix up my diet and do insane workouts like "P-90X" and "Insanity" to see instant results but living in a dorm and college meal plan made it really hard for me to make that a reality.
     Starting off in the gym, I was ashamed of the way I felt, so I wore hoodies and sweatpants to cover up my body. My expectation was immediate results so after a month of lifting, I felt extremely disappointed in not progressing as I expected to. Feeling discouraged, I took a break off from the gym which resulted in me feeling worse about my body. The double chin came in and my body expanded to an "XL" in shirts and a size 38 in pants, my confidence deteriorated. That's when I said "enough is enough."
     At the beginning of December in 2013, I decided to fully commit to this lifestyle. I went to the gym everyday and worked out for atleast two hours each session. My workouts consisted of extreme intensity and proper nutrition on a day to day basis. After just two weeks, I weighed 197lbs and I was thrilled with my results.
    During my winter break, a man that I originally aspired to look like came over to me and criticized me for improper use of equipment. I apologized for my lack of experience and assumed this conversation to be a great opportunity to ask questions. I hoped he could further my knowledge and encourage me, so I confessed my goal weight of 160lbs by spring break (3 months away). He looked at me, smirked and said “Good luck. That’s nearly impossible to do. I can promise you that will not happen for you.” Hearing that from him made me extremely depressed but it motivated me more than anything.
    I immediately increased my intensity for my workouts, became more strict with my diet and even physically wrote down what I ate everyday (before I found out about food tracking apps). Every night I dove into researching anatomy and nutritional facts. I found myself in the library expanding my knowledge book by book. I was determined to succeed and the most important part was I actually believe in myself. 
    By January 14th, 2014, I weighed an astonishing 179lbs! As the weight was shedding off, so did the layers of hoodies and sweatpants. I began to feel comfortable in my own skin to the point where I was exposing my muscles through cut off shirts and tighter clothing. I was proud to show off the definition that I had strived so hard to achieve. By February 15, I weighed 163 (pants: 32 / shirts: medium) and was 3 pounds from my goal, a month ahead of schedule. I decided that once I reached 160lbs, I would use it as a foundation weight and build my body until I was satisfied.
      After 2 years of training, I entered 2015 with a decent physique. I prayed that this would be the most successful year yet. Fortunately my prayers were answered. I was the first grandson in my entire family to graduate from a university. I won all three categories (open, novice and overall) in my first ever natural bodybuilding competition and became a Pro bodybuilder for the All Natural ANBF association. I traveled across the world to Dubai and Hyderabad, India to teach and show the benefits of working out, as well as hosting fitness related seminars, training with 'Bollywood' celebrities, and I was even renounced ‘Mr. Hyderabad’. Currently, I am a sponsored ambassador for Iron Hyde Apparel as well as  looking to make my own clothing/supplement line in the near future. I also aspire  to gain other sponsorships with various companies. Lastly, my main focus is to help hundreds to thousands of people change their lives across the world to aid in reaching their fitness goals with my online coaching services and personal training.