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Personalized Needs
if your goal is to lose weight, obtain lean mass, build strength and endurance, my plans and programs are designed to help with your specific goals.
Step-By-Step coaching
since i believe in giving adequate time with my clients to receive full guidance, attention and coaching via email, i can only work with a limited number of clients at a specific time. there are no cookie cutter programs for my clients.
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you will receive my affordable coaching rates depending on what your inquiry is and a detailed response covering your training and nutritional goals to help get you started!
Here is what you can expect from RikiJonesFitness
  • diet/meal programs designed to your goals and lifestyle using scientific methods.
  • training programs built to challenge and improve biochemanics.
  • variety cardio options as well as circuit training workouts.
  • you will need to check-in with me twice a week to hold you accountable, making results and understanding the lifestyle properly.
  • endless one-on-one contact via email.
**Please fill out the form BELOW to receive more information on what plan would work for you and what I can do to help you achieve your goals! Please be THOROUGH as well; it helps us both!** I also will have you fill out another private form to understand as much as possibly can about you and your goals that you wish to obtain!
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